Arriving on Time

by Bruce Robert

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Have you ever been to Mars, but not really to Mars? Have you ever wondered what life might have been like if you had a funk-tastic beat to it? Do you currently want a bowl of spaghetti with meatballs and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top? I thought so.

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Chilly Monday morning
The sun gleams off the traffic
White exhaust from tailpipes
Smells of carbon monoxide
It's safe to say I wouldn't mind
A Friday again
I'm not sure I can face the pile of work I have to do

We spend our time
Growing up
Fighting to be an adult
Only to find we'd like to return
To innocence and freedom
To become like a child again
But we can never go back
And we know that
So we substitute
With endless diversions

But never you mind
It's not all bad
I'd say there are some good parts
You're trusted with a lot because
You've shown to be responsible
The things you need to do today
To make sure that you're OK
You don't mind so much

Sometimes during quiet times
I think back over my life
Half way done
To the setting sun
I guess it balances out
Then something from I know not where
Peeks through
To warm my heart
I guess I might label that
A return to the start


released June 30, 2016
Music and lyrics by Bruce Robert
Produced by Bruce Robert
Engineered by Bruce Robert and Jeremy Jensen
Recorded at Wherever My Computer is Studio, Boise, Idaho USA and The Slopes, Boise, Idaho USA
Mastered by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound, Palm Springs, California USA
Vocals by Sean Samuel Kelly (a.k.a. Storie Grubb)
Lead guitar by Bruce Robert
Rhythm guitar by Bruce Robert
Synth bass by Bruce Robert
Various synth sounds by Bruce Robert
Tambourine by Jeremy Jensen
Clapping by Jeremy Jensen and Bruce Robert
Drum programming by Bruce Robert
Cover photo by Bruce Robert
Covert artwork Tristan Saunders



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Bruce Robert Boise, Idaho

Sometimes I feel like my head is radio receiver for random melodies floating around the universe. I have the experience, desire and know-how to take those melodies and create a complete piece of music from it. As long as I can remember, that’s how it’s generally worked for me. I rarely set out to write a song. They just sort of pop into my head, and I give form to the idea. ... more

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